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What scientists found in Siberia is truly terrifying and it’s just the beginning

  • Wade Lee Reeves


    • Jack

      If you don’t have a scientific background or remotely understand science, simply yelling bullshit doesn’t make the premise false.There is overwhelming evidence to support global climate change.

      • Mitchell W

        love your reply

  • Nathan Maverick

    Global warming is a lie, typical comment coming from the BBC…
    and who cares, its only a crater, we actually need carbon dioxide, the plants need it and give us oxygen in return, if anything we need more of it not less, the planet is not warming up, greece can attest to that, they just had a snow storm in the middle of July, how is earth warming up again 😉 ?

    • brett vroman

      Your understanding that more of carbon dioxide is a good thing is ill informed https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/dark-money-funds-climate-change-denial-effort/

    • EricBowser

      And snow storms in July are definitely common. Also, two category 4 hurricanes in one season, fires that are destroying thousands of homes are also common, right? Just spouting off one thing that, on the surface seems logical, is illogical, because all generalizations are false. You must know, because your a scientist. No, maybe just a conspiracy theorist…

      • Michael Fear

        Both are common and you are just talking out of your ass which is also common just like you are common .

    • Mitchell W

      looks like a Florida type sinkhole to me

  • Dave Urriquia

    I’m not an engineer, or a geologist, I’m no expert in any of the field that is related to this issue either. But with my little understanding about the situation, why can they just pour thousands of cement trucks over that crater to seal it off and prevent those permafrost from melting? I mean, with our current technology and knowledge we could send man to mars, constructed some of the most remarkable engineering feats the world had ever seen. Would this be a huge of a problem to solve?

    • Billy Ladd

      That’s not the answer. That’ll be temporary. The Answer is stop coal and burning of other fossil fuels as much as possible. They send pollutants up in the air causing the greenhouse effect. Where sunlight/UV rays are let in but can’t escape because of all the carbon in the atmosphere. Cause it to WARM UP then causeing el nino effects like 2 hurricanes back to back. California been dry n burning for how long and losing substantial amounts of ice from the polar ice caps. So to solve the prob we need to cut down emmitions of carbon in the air. Over time the ozone layer will fix itself

    • Jack

      I am a geologist. I have looked at some of the studies and data doesn’t lie. While it is true data can be manipulated, hundreds of scientists with various backgrounds in multiple countries coming up with the same thing, is hard to dispute.

  • Mitchell W

    isn’t Siberia the location of the Magma Plume (the Siberian Traps) with the mass extinction at the end of the Permian (250 million years ago) that killed 95% of life on earth. first thought to have taken 1 million years of eruption to create the deadly levels on CO2, now refined down to 60,000 years. Permian CO2 levels are the benchmark