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Scientists ‘prove’ that the soul does not die: It returns to the universe

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  • susy godet

    quantum microtubules are not definable

  • murface1

    By definition, the word “universe” is all of matter and space, considered as a whole. Therefore, the soul cannot “return” to the universe, because that would imply it left the universe, which would be impossible.

    • Jessie San Gabriel

      It pertains to the universe in which we belong. There are other universes to which a consciousness might wander.

      • murface1

        *sigh* again, there is ONE Universe. Not to be confused with dimensions.
        ” The universe is the whole of all matter, energy, planets, galaxies and space. An example of universe is where everyone and everything exists. ” Everything.

        • Ger Many

          In my opinion the human mind knows 3 dimensions but there may be more which are not noticable as long as we are in our bodies. Energy does not get lost says a rule of physics. Isn’t it good for us “lost souls” to believe and hope there might be something more?

  • Brad Lyles

    “Prove”…..I’m not sure you know what that word means.

  • murface1

    Ok, if we are to believe there is more than one universe, then we need a new name to replace “universe,” not to be confused with dimension.

    Len Gould, studied at University of Toronto
    Answered Jan 5, 2014 : I think the answer somewhat depends on your definition of “universe”. In one case it can be taken to mean “that extent in which galaxies are embedded”, eg. we measure our environment as “Our planet, the solar system, the local galaxy, the universe”. In another case it can be taken to mean “everything that exists anywhere”. In a third case it can be taken to mean “all regions which came to be due to a single big bang expansion” which leaves open the possibility of there being multiple big bangs creating multiple universes, (often termed the multiverse).

    • Jessie San Gabriel

      So you answered your own question already. Besides, we don’t even know whether this belief is advanced or retarded. Yes, there are other universes (multiverse). The only problem why we can unimaginably see them is because of the shape of our own universe, which is so byzantine that it distorts the imaging of powerful telescopic systems available to human vision. Please note that another universe means another different dimension, since we cannot possibly know what gravitational, physical and quantum laws they may have there.

      And yes, it leads us to connecting this to the Och-OR theory above that “souls” are indestructible notwithstanding how expansive our universe is, inasmuch as theologians and even ancient philosophers contend there is “heaven” (which may be regarded now as another universe or dimension) as a place where these dispersed microtubules go.

      I think your answer to my question is quite rhetorical and so byzantine that I could not figure out what it was that you were trying to point out. The only reason this theory is interesting is because it encompasses different schools of thought: theodicy, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, electroencephalography, dualism and reincarnation by the Hindus, and Buddhism.

      Either way, I’m happy with our dialogue. 😉 saludos de espana 😀

  • Bruce Blosser

    this is such bullshit – i can’t even begin to say how or why! It would take years for just an intro 🙂

  • Adam Wallace

    But you all belive that a man lives in the sky with a big beard who wears a dress and just happens to love money and that you will burn in the fiery pit of hell if you do anything to upset him (but he loves you). Ha ha ha

  • murface1

    so, what is the new word to stand for everything that is?

    • Kathleen B. Nicoletti


      • murface1

        fine. now watch while someone comes up with multi omniverses.

  • Devender Bejju

    Learn to say “I don’t know” and accept it honestly. That opens the door of curiosity and seek for the truth. Who knows… you may find the truth

  • Zaneta Stoimenova

    Someone should have told you that we really have computers in our head. It is perfect program, have no idea how human mind could make that. Really is perfect. For the part that something like soul continues to live after the death i agree.

  • Alexander Allison

    The Soul as we know is the whole being (The Person or Breathing Creature) and it can die. I think what you call a Soul is something else

  • Mayank Sati

    Very late American Scientist define about the Soul By quantam microtubules.This is not a matter of discussion. Have anyone seen the current in a wire, if seen pls show us. Likewise Soul is a current in our body. Science can never explain the real meaning of Soul. If anyone want to know it do Meditation properly u know it………….This is correct our brain is computer and Run different programme (Which is called our Thought). Some are negative and some are positive.And By meditation process we run a antivirus which clean up negative thoughts,And then we feel and in touch with soul. If you have any doubt do it…This gives you a practical experience of Soul , and if you trying to capture in camera its not possible ,no other way you can know about the soul just wasting of time.

  • Mayank Sati

    You all are just wasting ur time by discussion better u start meditation u itself get answer of all the question. This matter is not debatable. It Gives u practical experience.


    I feel like farting… (OOPS!) …just did – my energy was returned to the unimultiverse in spirit and matter.