History & Exopolitics

Shemsu Hor, the Celestial architects of the Great Sphinx, an 800,000 year old monument

  • Gary Walters

    Edgar Cayce was very clear about the construction of The Great Pyramid. He stated that it was designed and constructed from 11390 BC to 10390 BC. It was designed and constructed by Ra Ta and Hermes. In other readings he stated that he, Edgar Cayce, had been Ra Ta in a previous incarnation. Ra Ta, according to Cayce, was the High Priest of Atlantis at the time the Great Pyramid was constructed. I have never seen anything he said about the construction of The Sphinx, although it appears it was already in existence at the time The Great Pyramid was constructed. Today, archaeologists claim The Great Pyramid is only about 3500 years old. As they discover more, the real history of mankind will eventually emerge, including Atlantis and the Halls of Records, supposedly yet to be discovered, although I personally believe at least one Hall of Records has already been discovered and is being kept secret.