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Shocking videos ‘show massive Alien Motherships’ near the sun

  • J.M.

    Section51 is notorious for CGI videos and this video you’ve shared looks like yet another….

  • Tim Tempest

    the section 51 video there is fake

  • יעקב קובי אשכנזי

    fake !! ( 99.999999% )

  • Deena Patrick

    If this was so, alien objects being powered by the sun, what kind of energy at they using? At the core of the sun consists of pressure and temperature, hydrogen atoms become compressed to helium, a nuclear fusion. Then there is two zones a reactive and convective zones, where the temperature is 3.5 million degrees F and 2 million degrees Celsius which consist of large bubbles of hot plasma, that produced ionized atoms that make their way to the photosphere. The temperature in the photosphere is 10,000 degrees F and 5,500 degrees Celsius. The outer most layer is the chromosphere that produces a red rim around the sun caused by the amount of hydrogen present. So if most of energy of the sun is located deep inside the core, and the outer most part of the sun is surrounded by hydrogen. Although we don’t know if this is true about aliens, but when you think about how hot the sun appears to be and where the most reactive part of the sun is, the source of fuel to these so call aliens ships could be hydrogen?