History & Exopolitics

Sonchis of Sais—an ancient Egyptian Priest who introduced Atlantis to the world

  • Kay

    This is in reference to the above article. Based on my personal research on this subject and my ancestry background and academics, I did came to the most enlightening conclusion;
    Wake up world…. Atlantis as much as the other civilizations such as Lemuria and Mu will never be found on this planet.None of them skunked into any Oceans. Those were space platforms that settled on Earth in order to help human evolution. And when that took seed and it looked that it will run its course they lift up and left. Best use your time on learning and practicing the knowledge that they left behind if there is any hope to evolve and stop the self destructing path that you are bend on to follow just to proof that the end of the world is caching up with humanity. I agree that history is coming to an end, still is only because humanity is ending it as we know it but not by evolving to a better stage but devolving to 0. As long as life exists in the Universe there is no such thing as the end of everything. And then let’s look at the word history….. it seems is formed by 2 separate words… his and story….. Great. If his story (whom ever he suppose to be) is ending then I can start my own story ….. Wake up world time is a man made creation and humanity needs to deprogram if there is any chance for its specie to prevail.