The Hidden Tragic, Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves

  • Brian Bassett

    I didn’t read this article. Tragedy and heartbreak are everywhere. Wallowing in someone else private affairs just to feel better about yourself is mean and childish, although that is unfair to children everywhere. Anyone that survives childhood learns at an ever-increasing pace that life is hard. Life is painful, Life is like a fantastically beautiful sunset that’s caused by a horrible devastating wildfire. Did Mr. Reeves write this material? Does he want others to know these things? Did you even bother to ask him? Even if he doesn’t care, and of course he does, it’s not polite put someone under this kind of light. If I knew Mr. Reeves personally I would probably find a reason not to like him, it’s just who I am. But I do respect him as a human. He is who he is because of everything he has endured just as we all are. Life is hard but we all hope that life is long. Can’t you people find something worthwhile to write about? How about all the violence in movies nowadays? Is it because writers can’t come up with anything decent anymore? Or is that people would rather watch one man kill another man than hear a story that is enlightening and uplifting. When there are beautiful sunsets we don’t celebrate the wildfires that caused them, we watch in different degrees of amazement and try to get some enjoyment out of them. Making the best of any situation is how we navigate through the pain and heartache of life, as I am sure Mr. Reeves does. Maybe someone should ask him about violence in the movies. I suspect that money has a way of making you wear rose-colored glasses. KBO Mr. Reeves.