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“Mona Lisa” – The humanoid Alien found by Apollo 20

  • MarsFKA

    So…After Apollo 17, NASA continued to launch Saturn 5 rockets and no one noticed?

    • vinmakare

      Yes it is truth and nothing but the truth and as real as the Futurama´s alternative explanation to Roswell´s 1947. Aliens cross thousands light years of empty space just to abduct humans and study their genitals.

      • http://bzy75bee.tumblr.com/ Melissa Ann Tarrants

        since that’s all we do to theirs?;)

  • powerz

    I am now dumber for reading this and so are you.

    • lelu Sunshine


  • Beard!

  • mario

    That are all bull shit without an iota of proof ,before they have tell to me why NASA will hide this prove?U think they are afraid of one economical crack?bull shit NASA if will be true will have a profit in all of this,I believe in extraterrestrial life,believe we are alone in this immensity is greedy but FIRST ENCOUNTER WILL NOT BE LIKE THAT