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The Indian River drains out for the first time revealing incredible ancient secrets

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  • Frr Mallory

    These are amazing 😀

  • Aswin Periyadan

    WoW !! This looks Amazing !!! <3

  • Amrutanshu Panda

    Incredible India <3 <3

  • Mark

    So the river RETURNED to a level that it USED to be, since those wonderfully carved artifacts were not carved UNDER water….

    • todiscus

      Not necessarily. Land levels, continental or local, rise and fall.

    • andy deadhead

      rivers move over time so maybe it was not in the palace it is now but the carvings are incredible i wonder how old they are?

    • Jeremiah Pugwash

      and your point is….?

  • LarryMcD

    “The first time in history”? Hyperbolize much?

  • http://umbluliber.ro Petru Stratulat

    I don’t see a reliable source here. In fact, I don’t a see a source. Did you photograph them? Were you there in person?

  • Frida

    While interesting, I don’t see any “ancient secrets” revealed here. More internet click-bait bullshit. I don’t appreciate it.

    • JustTech-NoEgo

      Objects needs to be analyzed first to let the secrets come-out, right ? Something is, which is called patience !

  • https://www.facebook.com/waterillustrator Jim Fetter

    Hinduism prayer symbols being surfaced after all these years, and because of global warming evaporating the waters resurfacing them for Humans to see, and a kind of warning to us that we are not going about humanity the right way, and interesting to say the least.

    • Scott Enlow

      Because of global warming? Was global warming also responsible for the low water level centuries ago when these things were carved? They didn’t carve the rocks under water so the water must have been at the level it is now back then. Right?

      • Vivek Haldar

        The river course might have changed in the past and might have submerged those carvings.

      • Elvan Allen

        While the low water level isn’t necessarily directly due to global warming (droughts do happen naturally) at the same time it’s also likely that the river ran a different course when these things were created since as you do masterfully ponted out they obviously weren’t carved under water. Pont being stop being such a tribalist and jerking your knee every time man made global warming is mentioned. Chemistry and physics don’t be March down party lines no matter how much we’d like then to.

      • https://www.facebook.com/waterillustrator Jim Fetter

        Well now if one knows the history of that Shamala river in Karnataka, you would know there is a dry season and a wet season, and during the dry is when the stones were carved as a training in carving technique.
        And one really could only see them during the dry season, because during the wet season they were under water, and like you said, ya can’t carve underwater,
        But today, and because of drought (global warming) and over-consumption because of a whole lot more people living there using the water it has pushed the river in India to its limits, AND NOW YOU CAN SEE THOSE CARVINGS ANY TIME OF THE YEAR BECAUSE THEY NEVER DO GET SUBMERGED UNDER WATER.
        So that would be my guess of the mystery you seem to think global warming had nothing to do with, and knowledge is power to figure things out my friend….

  • Mary Deptowicz

    Looks like it might of been maybe fertility rights or a place of right of passage.

    • Margie Hord


  • idrisC

    Apparently only 450 years or so old. Quick google search reveals this:


  • Brian Sorrell

    drought and over consumption has returned the river to a level that ancient civilizations could work in and make pretty rock sculptures er ah ……..WHAT drought and over consumption are you really that stupid

    • Elvan Allen

      So you throw out some hyperbolic incredulity without an explanation of it?

  • Susheel Sundar

    will you please let us know the incredible ancient secrets?
    show us some shiva lingas from a drained river which is normal, put a click bait title, foolish people will like it without even reading whatever maybe those ancient secrets?

    • EofA

      Om Namah Shivaya! Om Namah Shivaya!

      • Susheel Sundar

        EofA please, take out your head from UrAnus…..its High Time.

    • Wally Conger

      The title says “for the first time revealing incredible ancient secrets.” I respect your attempt at acceptance and non-judgement, but some things are actually bullshit; that title is one of them.

  • Cookie

    Wow, the water level must’ve been quite low back then.

  • Jeanne Howard


  • Nupur Risbood

    this is completely fake news. These are seen every year, anytime of the year. This was a school to teach student stone carving skills over 300 yrs ago. This is the scrap they left behind. Stop with ur fake. U GUYS ALREADY MADE A FOOL OF US. IS IT INDIA’S TURN NOW ?

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  • Ottmar Straub

    still beautiful – thank you

  • badiah

    Shiva LINGAMS, you nitwit

  • Chet Creslaw

    Look like ancient washing machines to me? There in the right place to. Dose anyone know what they believe them to be?

  • Toadly4Sure .

    The carved stones look more like ancient clothes washing bowls… when direty clothing weres being washed they beat them against the center stone & the dirty water ran out the other side…those carvings are ancient



  • Bob Jase

    Good to see that Christians aren’t the only believers obsessed over sex.

  • idestova

    They were just amusing themselves while washing clothes.

  • verdadseeker

    I wouldn’t think they could be that old as there are very few signs of erosion, that I can see anyways.

  • Gina Stefan

    It’s not the first river this year that is drying up, Mississippi is not navigable because of low water levels and Euphrates in the Middle East has lost 80% of it’s water. something fishy is going on….

  • Gerry Hazelton

    Those are Shiva-lingams – representation of the great Lord Shiva… pretty cool

  • joe o’connell

    representing flying saucers perhaps