The Invisible Karmic Thread of Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

  • Sharrie Safari

    I really like the viewpoint that a soulmate isn’t a “perfect fit” but rather a “mirror” that shows you everything that is holding you back, a person who brings you to your own attention.

    • Lisa Wilson

      Yeah, that part really struck me too

  • John Watts

    And this is why it’s bullshit:

    Read it and weep.

    • overit

      But that assumes that there is no real sense to life, just a kind of illusory statistical sense. Karma is just the relation we have as conscious beings to the rest of a conscious world, and it explains some of the sense of what is less obvious in life. Negative hype doesn’t really make up for positive hype.

      • lisofby

        Overit, Karma is actually “law”. what it refers to in the truests sense, is energy that is unresolved over a lifetime, resulting in a consequence to right the balance. karmic law is there to help heal, and what it does is bring about a situation where you will gain understanding of your acts, now from ta different point of view (ie as perpetrator/ witness/ relative/ victim etc in turn).

  • murface1

    so true.

  • Kris Fisher

    We have many “soul” “mates”. In fact, we have an entire soul family that we reincarnate with to learn our life lessons. These relationships prepare us for our final incarnation.
    Your “Twin Flame” is an entirely different thing all together and the two should not be confused.

  • Robert McNay

    I think the other end of my string has come loose from who it was tied to.

    • Joel Schneider

      Or YOU are the one who came loose.That would be blaming someone else as a resentment they have not lived up to your expectations. It quite possibly is that you are not ready to meet them yet, so they have not been revealed to you as of yet. If you want them in your life maybe there are some lessons to learn and apply it’s teachings, or there is your side of the street to clean up first. Be the best human possible and you may one day actually find that you grab a hold of the string once again.

      • Robert McNay

        Whoa-whoa-whoaaaaaa there. What I said was not in ANY sort of judgement or blame of another. I never said that they untied the line themselves. You are reading waaaaaay too much in between non-existent lines.
        All it was on my part was a self pitying lament about how I don’t seem to have a soulmate or any connection to one. At my age, I don’t think its likely to happen.
        The imagery of the other end being untied is akin to old silent comedies when the protagonist it walking his new dog and sudden he realizes he has only a leash, no dog. He holds the leash up and examines the end and looks around, then walks off, dragging the leash behind.
        That is how my life has felt.

    • Pamela Jewell

      I think that mine came loose from my soul-mate too. And it was entirely my fault.

      But, I was only 17 when we met…too young to know what real love was. As he appears to be happily married, I do not see us together again in this lifetime.

  • Black Atheists

    Where’s the actual evidence that can be verified to be true?

    • Jason Hues

      Thats the point, sometimes there is no evidence but the scars on our hearts and minds, sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. Sometimes there IS no physical evidence, but the raw emotions that it leaves behind.

    • Taylor Turk

      Most of everything in existence doesn’t have evidence. The human mind is very restricted in what it can comprehend. We barely know the true nature of reality.

      • Yoga Mayi

        Well said.

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  • Robert van Lieshout-Hendrix

    In general what is being described here is called a ‘twin soul’, not a soulmate, being two halves of what used to be one. Soulmate could refer to any soul living on earth. A lot of times people have the impression a soulmate could be a perfect romantic partner, but in fact it can be a child, a friend, coworker or family member and the relationship does not have to be romantic nor perfect at all as in no conflicts and ever understanding each other without any explanation. A twin soul is a whole other thing all together. It’s no use to try and find neither the twin soul or soulmate. Both will cross your path when it is meant to happen not when we want it to happen.

  • truth
  • Beta

    what can i say? it’s hard to find… really

  • Rhiannon Autumn Young

    There is no such thing as a soulmate. in the true sense of the word. or in the way that is being described in this article. It’s a nice idea, but has no tangible evidence to back it up. it is a belief, nothing more.

    • Taylor Turk

      Just like your statement. It’s an opinion, nothing more.

    • Chris Black

      I have two of them and YES they do exist! Its a different kind of connection. Just because you have not met yours does not mean they do not exist.

    • lisofby

      maybe you mean twin flame? that is a silly term that gives people license to abuse and be abused with drama. but your kid/ husband/ sister/ mum etc could be a soul mate. your best friend. not necessarily a lover.

  • Timothy Lee

    This idea is a practice of mysticism and is a false one which Christians especially should reject. As humans that were created by The God of the universe, Jesus is our only soul mate and the only being that can make us whole. No other human is capable of this.

    This is my opinion as a Christian and a well loved child of God. Disagree if you chose, but this is truth and can be confirmed.

    Even if you read such secular books as Dianetics you will se that this idea of should mate is vastly incomplete and inadequate.

    • lisofby

      Timothy, what about before christianity? I was raised catholic and have read the bible more than 3 times, except leviticus and numbers.. but also studied other religions. What is so wrong with having soul mates anyway? G_d is not religious. people are.

  • Anna Ellington

    This is a description of a twin flame. We have many soul mates and karmic mates from our soul group but only one twin. I have posted articles about it on my website:

  • Najifa Torsha

    well..u feel that connection with a boy..u love that that boy says that he doesn’t love u and he has a u can’t stop loving him..can’t leave him bcz u feel that there’s a connection between u and that it that connection explained above???

  • Deena Patrick

    The person doing the lecturing needs a microphone, one can hardly hear him along with the accent. The entire speech is mono toned, so hard to make out what he was trying to say about soulmates twin souls, etc. However the article Elizabeth Gilbert say’s it best, a true soul mate is lie a mirror a person that shows you everything that is holding you back, a person that brings you to your own attention so that you can change your life. What do you think?

  • Yoga Mayi

    I’m a rare person. So is my fiance. We’re in separate countries. Basically we’re so threatening to the shallow irrational emotionally unhealthy world that we are feeling a sense of constantly being endangered by those around us. We are virtuous vegan lovers of truth. There are a few of us but we don’t do well with a lot of people and are often even gang stalked by lies and rumors about our characters, as this helps sub-integral people feel better about themselves. We get attacked because fools fill in the blanks and get completely nuts around us. We trigger. It’s our nature and most of you are getting more and more fragile emotionally speaking and thereby more and more physically dangerous. We need one another to thrive around this bullshit, “soul mate” or not.

  • Zeeshan Saeed

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