History & Exopolitics

The Lie we live in! Everybody should watch and share this video, I’m Speechless, spread it!

  • Sulis

    I agree except there were always animals one had to watch out for that would eat you given a choice. Also try living up in Canada’s wild regions surviving is not easy without certain modern conveniences. However the way this has occurred has been through slavery instead of freedom and cooperation. I do believe even in our polluted world a future could occur to solve all the issues but it does still require thought and limits. Like child birth for the good of the mother and children not to have a litter of children is more healthy but this would require conformity and at the same time freedom. Freedom for women not to keep giving birth. Also there is the collective consequences like water pollution or global population etc.. It gets complicated, it requires respect for all life on earth, respect for the environment and a non profit based existence.