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The Symptoms of an Energy Shift You Shouldn’t Ignore

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I have 8 where do you come up wit this?

  • Perfectly Paranoid

    Nice, listing the most common symptoms of every single illness and trying to apply it to something so spacey.
    I call Bullshit.

    • Sue Howells

      So why are you on this page? Haha

      • Perfectly Paranoid

        Because I utilize a little thing called logic.

  • Debra Grant

    I have or have had all of them. Wonderful. My favorite one is how animals gravitate towards me and I will say a couple of dogs have also reacted like an alien just walked in the room when I walked in. LOL That’s hilarious but also sad, I did not mean to frighten those boys. Excellent knowledge here, thank you for sharing it! It quite resonated with me. Don’t really understand why other folks commenting are poo pooing all over it. Sometimes I think some people are holding onto 3D as if their life depends on it. You can tell who’s in what dimension, that’s for sure! Hahahaha!

  • Craig Downer

    Some excellent and sound counsel here.