History & Exopolitics

Third Eye In The Ancient Americas

  • Petro Sanctus

    Not to be demeaning or insulting, but there’s a lot of typical westernized pseudo-mysticism here. The third eye was never part of the “physical” body, but was rather the connection between the physical and the spiritual. It was represented as an external “eye” but it’s a much more abstract thing, hence why we’ve never discovered human skulls with a third eye socket in the middle of their forehead. The third eye, or pineal gland, while still present externally in certain fish, reptiles and amphibians originated as a photosensitive gland, much like a very underdeveloped eye pointing straight upward, and was naturally selected for since it provided an advantage when avoiding predatory birds and such. As time wore on, the gland migrated inward, developing a stronger connection to the rest of the brain where it allowed latent psychic abilities to be unlocked. It was never a fully developed physical eye, but was represented as such as a metaphor for the deeper understanding it granted us. To see with the third eye is simply to look past the mundane and to connect with nature and the world and people around us at a higher level. Technically speaking the “third eye” points straight upward and migrated down ward from the crown, not the forehead. It is represented in the forehead simply for artistic purposes to better illustrate the point that it’s an “eye.”