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This 9-Gigapixel image—with 84 Million stars—of the Milky Way will give you Goosebumps

  • Joseph Logan Martini

    That was awesome!

  • James Clark

    Download link? XD

  • Dave Mudge

    Can I buy a large wall map of this image?

    • HipJipC

      Or, you can hire someone to paint a mural of it. Wow, what a job that would be and I wonder if anyone would actually attempt it. Very beautiful though 🙂

      • http://meltdowninteractive.com Greg Quinn

        Lol a painting of that would put the Sistene Chapel to shame.

    • Safa Kurzey


      You can print this from staples. 36×48 inch printing I can do.

      email:war yyhmail.com

  • feud

    Mind blowing.

  • Dan Richeson

    I would like to thank whoever thought it would be a good idea to plaster ads over text and images, good job…

    • MorgBoer

      I actually spent about 15 minutes just reporting the very vague and obnoxious “people in your area are making $1500 a day” ads that is everywhere on this page. Does anyone really click on those?!

      • Connie Davis

        didnt see any….try add block

      • panflutepath

        AdBlock Plus to rid those ads. I do not see ads here, -or anywhere.

        • http://www.logichaos.com/ Neil Moore

          don’t use adblock plus. use ublock origin. faster, and blocks more than adblock.