This Is What God Said to Each of the Zodiac Signs!

  • BoomJuice_advance

    Earth and Water signs are bad and evil. especially Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorns. A lot of them are bad people and bad role models.

    • Misty Oliver

      Hi there.. liked your comment but how do you actually know this? I’m compatible with all these signs(which obviously may suck more now) and friends with a Scorpio who’s always making my Spidey senses tingle, lol, weird but true. I’m a Pisces but also discovered a certain type of empath I am as well. I research crap all the time but not found some answers I’ve truly been looking for. Then I end up wandering if I’m losin it, get drained.. and sleep for days on end.
      Attached is a pic of Scorpio and I, 3 mths prior to now.