This is Why Loners Are The Most Honest And Smart People You Will Know in Your Life

  • Jim Kay

    I have married a wonderful woman who is many of the things listed in this article. She’s tender and sensitive and has a rich thought life. I am so thankful that we met and slowly learned about each other. Over time she let me in to her world.
    Alternatively, speaking of myself, for many years I was the extrovert – deeply convinced that relationships were key to a rich and satisfying life. Well, that may still be true for many, but I took several years away from most humanity in a cabin in West Virginia where I spent years alone with God. It was the richest experience of my life. I came away a different person. My inner life has become so full that I am delighted to be alone and look forward to the “God Who is There”, waiting for me to be alone…with Him.
    Now, when I am with others I have such a wealth of Love within me that I truly want to know them and understand them. I want to do that because I see their beauty. Whereas many years ago I may have searched out others to fill my own longing for relationship, I now want to be around others to simply love them and learn about their beauty.
    So, I feel I’ve experienced both worlds – the extrovert who loves being around others and the introvert who can’t wait to be alone again. I have become settled into the introvert. I suppose the irony is that when I was young, in my inner world I was alone. Now, it is my Inner World that gives me so much love and a sense that I am never alone, never lonely.
    I now love my wife not because of how fulfilled her presence makes me feel but because I can give to her much of me. I can love her from a full heart, not from one hoping for something in return.
    Have I given any rich insights here? I don’t think so. Just one person’s affirmation that the inner world is rich. And if you meet an introvert who decides to keep you around be patient, as there is MUCH to learn from this rich soul.