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‘Time traveler’ who came from the future ‘warns’ Earth will be attacked by aliens in 2018

  • David Henson

    Warning. This page is full of Clickbaits.

  • Geebo Harris

    While this site has SOME legitimate articles on it, the majority of it is crap like this article. Don’t waste your time.

    • Kevin Dean Heairet

      any thing is possible 🙂

    • Ant Meow

      no one believed bruce willas in 12 monkeys either, they put him in a mental institution, just food for thought.

  • Anthony Silva

    I believe in time travel through meditation and alcohol..withdrawal? Lol seriously though.

  • Jerry G.

    In the bible and other books there is mention of time travel. This is only metaphoric as like most of the other stories in the bible, done to teach a point of philosophical point of view.

    There have been many people showing up at police stations, hospitals, and government offices indicating they were from the future. In the end, they were people with psychological problems of some sort and were looking for some kind of attention.

    There is big money in making predictions if done properly and being able to convince people to buy your books about the subject. This is referred to as, “Exploitation of a Situation or Common Belief”. The biggest money makers right now are the ones who are able to convince people about the end of the world and sell their books about it. Another big one are the people who are selling huge amounts of copies of books telling about how aliens are visiting us and going to take over our planet.

    People like dramatic stories with some fright and encouraging worry. This could be viewed as negative type news. This sells very well if done properly.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rid of life. We are going to be here for many more years to come. No alien invasions are on their way, and no huge end of the world disasters are coming from alien beings. The only danger to man kind is himself, if he looses control over himself.

  • Nacos

    Since 9/11(including) we’ve been spoon-fed the “terrorist” theme. Although carefully protected, the government’s credibility has been seriously erroded through 16 years of continuous lies and deceit – culminatig with Las Vegas shooting, which has laughable credibility holes. The glabalist leaders (read psychopaths) now need to stage yet another, fresh hoax in order to maintain the confusion and fear and justify the crazy military spendings towards tighter and tighter social control. Here come the “aliens attacks”. In the years to come we’ll likely be seeing as many and ridiculous versions of “alliens attacks” as we did in the case of the so called “terrorist attacks”. Hopefully people we’ll be able to awaken from their blissful ignorance and hold their governments responsible for years and years of treason and fraud. Wishful thinking? Hopefully NOT!

    • Kevin Dean Heairet

      Well said!!!!! I’m wishful with u. We r 2. That can grow 2 7 billion of us <3