History & Exopolitics

Unequivocal evidence of Alien structures on Mars

  • Tom Krapf

    We only call them alien because we don’t remember being there.

    • Eric Wi

      The “human” Race there broke off around the fall of Atlantis. They are from here. Both planets have ties to a third planet that is now the asteroid belt. The three near (or actual for one) cataclysm events on each were because of an unbalance in science and spirituality. Our current way of life is very dangerous and a repeat of past mistakes.

      • Cleosmil3

        you say this so mater-of-factly.

  • Rick Carufel

    How can buildings made by the locals be called alien? The rover is an alien robot.

  • Andrew Cecil

    we know from crystals (snowflakes, quartz, salt) that the minerals do form geometric structures.