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We Are Surrounded by Masonic Symbols―How Modern Logos Are Linked To Secret Societies

  • Deena Patrick

    Today people become upset by phrases, pictures, symbols, etc… and focus on emotional part of a symbol, rather then what the true meaning of the symbol is saying. But how would someone know what the true meaning is if they don’t know what to look for? Unless someone has informed you through research or you have taken a course like Human Factors Engineer and Design or done some Archeology Research, you would have no clue. Man has been communicating for many years to other people, or members of some tribe, or organization or club or groups, using some kind of symbols. Example when you visit another country, and you don’t know one hundred percent of the language, symbols on pictures are used as a form of communication to let the public know where a restroom may be or eatery. In the United States we use Symbols on road way signs, for those who may not know the language or with some people a picture symbol picture seems more practical and not so distracting. So for some people who are reading this article may not be so aware about what objects, and symbols, can actually mean whether it is good or bad. But in reality communication has been around sense the beginning of time with man, and when you think about the cave art, not all symbols are even understood today.

  • Jerome Paulos

    There is no such thing as the “Android Product Store”

    Google has no app called Google GPS, that’s the Periscope logo