Why You Should Change The Frequency of The Music You Listen To

  • Giovanni Gaggia

    love this!

  • Alexander Koop

    so I had a read on Wiki. The article seems only part right, and is perhaps a bit paranoid? E.g. the standard pitch at 440 was generated and set in London in 1939, and German and Austrian orchestras actually usually use 432 (still today)! So the Nazi influence is questionable!!! Also over the centuries the standard pitch has been at a variety of frequencies (up to 4 halftones below or 3 above today’s…..). It might also be more of a fashion thing (or an average of the collective energy ‘pitch’), rather than some freemason conspiracy or such   Perhaps when human energy shifts more and more, the standard pitch will shift again too??? Overall, considering the results that Emoto had (and as far as i know he only looked at type of music, not standard pitch), and getting quite beautiful crystals, I would assume that music in general (even at 440) is still more healing, than destructive. But somehow after reading that article I now seem to get rid of some paranoid programs trying to tell me different…. :)) Also is there even some device that one can use to change the standard pitch of prerecorded music???And when I listen to the two different versions, I cannot really say that I ‘feel’ different (and I pretty sensitive overall). It is a very unscientific experiement too, to tell someone that they should feel tense at one frequency and relaxed at another beforehand…..

  • Karl Baba

    Worth considering the arguments why this isn’t necessarily true for the reasons stated. It’s a little lower tuning and people tend to choose the lower tuning side by side, even if 432 is the higher one. The numerical argument is totally debunked