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World Renowned scientist claims to have found proof ‘GOD’ exists

  • Aaron Olson

    Lol, sorry Bible thumpers, they’re clearly not talking about the god in the Bible, they didn’t say anything about him/her/it killing millions, so yeah, they’re not talking about the god your people wrote about in the Bible.

    • ackeegrl

      The creator in the Bible is an entity that lives outside of time and space…….seems science is proving the bible every day…..

      • Aaron Olson

        Lol, no, what they are saying here does not resemble anything in the Bible in any way, it’s some kind of force, like they said, Gravity is a force, gravity did help create the universe, actually did most all the work, so should we call gravity God? Should we start worship that? If so there would seem to be no use in praying anymore since gravity doesn’t hear or answer you, so I guess praying wouldn’t change at all.

      • Cody Keith Saunders


    • Arthur Bernstein

      Not the deepest of thinkers.

      • aaron olson

        Lol no, you most likely are not.

    • Janice Burdick

      What do you mean, by God killing millions? Don’t you mean HUMANS killing HUMANS?

      • Aaron Olson

        OK, so god didn’t reach his hand down and crush someone, let’s just use the 10 plagues of Egypt as an example of the God in the Bible killing shit loads of people, along with murdering countless completely innocent first born children. from new born babies on up, he didn’t care how young they were now did he, and he’s the one who chose to do that, no one else is to blame, you can’t blame pharaoh, he wanted to let the slaves go so the plagues would stop, but God on his own decided he wasn’t going to allow pharaoh to do that, he was going to harden his heart not once but multiple times

  • dogmattic

    In The Grand Design, Hawking touts M-theory (many worlds) as sufficient so create the universe. This infinity of possibilities certainly does justify the 10^500 permutations he notes in regards to the exact ‘constants of nature’ that are necessary to have our stable, but sufficiently dynamic, universe.
    However, he conveniently stops there, and closes his mind with great satisfaction and hubris. He does not consider, that he has just allowed the universe to exist as-is, based on the infinite fabrics of possibilities. In those possibles, which included such interesting things as quantum entanglement through spooky mediums, there is very likely to exist a universe/state, that is itself an infinitely complex evolving, learning, thinking entity. That is, Hawking proves that God must exist.
    Now, for fun, consider computability. We always think in the sense of Turing computability. That is because we evolved in a temporal medium, where there is always an input, computation, and output. There is, all around us, a different kind of computation. This whole quantum many-worlds defines an optimization system, that optimizes for ‘existence’ itself, and perhaps, even for consciousness. Those worlds which lead not to a conscious entity, do not exist. Those that do well in this matter, seem to lead to increasing complexity and intelligence.
    One can not help but imagine, that in those upper 6 or 7 dimensions, there is a vast infinite multi-dimensional quantum-like computing entity. Perhaps a few of the dimensions maintain ‘state’ (time-independent memory), while others simultaneously ‘solve’ optimizations, and others manifest a hyper-dimensional form of consciousness.
    Sounds crazy. Probably is old-hash for Kako et al.

  • Janice Burdick

    Oh Ivan… I see you STILL aren’t proof-reading your articles, before posting them!! This one is better than other’s I’ve seen….but still not great. Keep working on that, ok? Thanks.

  • Civila191

    Tadpoles, enforcing their wisdom on the puddle.

  • Scott H Lonis

    JUST tell me… what were Hawkins LAST words… :Oh WOW OH WOW OR OH NO OH NO”???

    • aaron olson

      I’m sure it wasn’t, ” oh fuck I was wrong”.