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Worrying: Scientists find the polar vortex is shifting

  • Freedspeak

    Wouldn’t be surprised, if this most likely didn’t also occur back in the 1600’s (year without a summer, volcano increased the effect)

    Don’t conflate weather with climate, I remember 2′ of snow at Halloween, and 80* weather in December in the 60’s. In the 70’s-80’s they were worried about Global Cooling!

    • kiwiME

      Well, that’s why the study covered many decades. The continuing slow loss of Arctic sea ice is a measurable quantity, and implications such as this should be expected.

  • Hay NonnyMoose

    So, Global Warming ™ is going to make it colder again?

    Where do we send our money (this time)???

    • kiwiME

      No, weather is affected by climate change, and that is caused by global warming. It’s not rocket science.
      What money have you spent on this so far?

      • michael b

        The climate consensus scientists have failed to “prove” this and are having to adjust their models constantly, so their ever evolving theory that ignores any science that challenges it MUST be rocket science. Or it is a total fabrication that fails to acknowledge the most potent climate force in the solar system. That would be the sun, of course, with an assist from the galaxy(s), which did not require rocket science to prove.

  • Paige C Psaros

    Very interesting… I wonder about the polar cap uncovers…Beneath all that Ice.

  • Ted Kretschmann

    A lot may be due to the magnetic pole shift…..

  • Connie Misiolek

    It was just suggested that I remove the ad block to read these articles…just did it, refreshed, and I still don’t see the article

    • steveliddleSK

      got addblock plus, ghostery and privacy badger and can read the article and have no adverts to block the article 🙂

  • Joel le Goff

    jet stream severly damaged last spring…….

  • swdw

    Isn’t it funny that the pole is migrating in the same direction as the polar vortex and by a similar magnitude?

    And isn’t it coincidental that the areas of warmth affecting sea ice on both poles has shifted along with the polar migration putting warmer air over regions that used to be colder?

    “A shift in Earth’s magnetic poles may hold the secret to climate change”

  • swdw

    From “The Three Concepts of Climate Change”

    “Scientific evidence also shows that the Magnetic North Pole is relocating from Northern Canada to Northern Russia. Where goes the Magnetic North Pole, so goes the climate. This definition of climate change does not require any change in total Earth temperature or hockey stick illusions; however, it is causing significant changes to the polar caps and adjacent land masses that includes thawing and refreezing of the ice caps in a new location, and long term international climate changes. Once concept 3 is made common knowledge; everyone will be able to follow the paths of the magnetic poles to predict climate change in their own location.”